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We have recognised for ourselves and put our faith in the love God has for us God is love, and whoever remains in love remains in God and God in him - 1 John 4.16

Here at Faith Walk Ministries we encourage you to be a part of our team/family and get to know your brothers and sisters in christ as we embark on this journey together.


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Evening 8pm – Bible study

Mornings 6.30am – Morning Devotional

Morning 6.30am – Prayer & Testimony

Evenings 8pm – Mediation on the word

Gospel of Luke
morning devotional
tesimony mornings Friday prayers

Join us at Faith Walk Ministries for “RESTORATION Series,” a five-week journey : 

Welcome to our “RESTORATION Series,” a five-week journey delving into the transformative power of God’s restoration in our lives.

Week 1: “What’s Restoration” – We begin by exploring the essence of restoration from a biblical perspective. Delving into Joel 2:25 and Ruth 1:22, we uncover the promise of God turning loss into abundance and hardship into hope.

Week 2: “Areas Where We Need Restoration” – This week focuses on identifying life aspects, both spiritual and physical, where we crave renewal and healing.

Week 3: “Areas Where God Restores and Steps to Restoration” – Here, we discuss specific areas God rejuvenates and outline practical steps for embracing His restorative work.

Week 4: “How to Receive God’s Restoration” – Learn how to open your heart and life to receive God’s restorative grace, transforming past pains into purpose and strength.

Week 5: “Come Back” – Our concluding week invites participants to reflect on their personal journey of restoration and the newfound strength and peace found in God’s redemptive power.

Join us as we journey through this series, discovering the profound impact of God’s restoration in our lives.

Join us via Zoom, ID 222 920 9081, for a weekly rendesvous with purpose and passion. More details are available at Embrace this journey of deliverance and let each session guide you closer to your calling.

evangelism dates

Join us at Faith Walk Ministries for “Evangelism Dates” :  24th Feb and 9th March 2024

Mark your calendars for the upcoming Evangelism Dates with Faith Walk Ministries, a time to share the good news and connect with the community. Join us at Wellingborough Town Centre on the 24th of February at 1 PM, and at Luton Town Centre on the 9th of March at 11 AM. These events are a wonderful opportunity to reach out, engage in meaningful conversations, and experience the joy of fellowship.

Whether you’re a long-time believer or just curious about the faith, we welcome you to be part of these special days. Let’s spread hope and love together. For more details, Email:

Erica J

Testimony Morning 9th at 6.30AM

Tomorrow morning at 6:30 AM, join Faith Walk Ministries for a riveting “Testimony Morning” with Erica J. This is a time to come together and share in the personal and powerful stories that shape our faith journeys. Erica will offer insights into God’s presence and work in her life, providing encouragement and hope. Connect with us through Zoom, using ID 222 920 9081, to be part of an uplifting community experience that celebrates the transformative power of testimony. Don’t miss this chance to be inspired and to inspire others with your presence.

Join us via Zoom, ID 222 920 9081, for a weekly rendesvous with purpose and passion. Embrace this journey of deliverance and let each session guide you closer to your calling.

Gospel of Luke

Gospel of Luke

Tonight at 8pm, Faith Walk Ministries delves into the empowering message of Luke 11


Luke 11 begins with Jesus teaching his disciples the Lord’s Prayer, emphasizing the importance of persistence in prayer. He then casts out a demon, dismissing accusations that he does so by demonic power. Jesus stresses that a kingdom divided cannot stand, and that his miracles are by God’s power. He criticizes the current generation for seeking signs and ignoring the wisdom and message of God’s messengers. Jesus also condemns the religious leaders for their hypocrisy and legalism, which burden people without offering true guidance towards God. The chapter concludes with Jesus admonishing the scholars for hindering people’s access to knowledge.


Join us via Zoom, ID 222 920 9081, for a weekly rendesvous with purpose and passion. Embrace this journey of deliverance and let each session guide you closer to your calling.

For more information on ZOOM meetings, please contact us at the provided phone number or visit our website at Join us as we walk in faith together!


Zoom Meeting ID: 222 920 9081

Bible Study

Monday nights at 8pm we are doing bible studies. For more information on our next study meeting, please contact us for details.

Early Birds Meetings

The early birds meetings running on Wednesday with Morning Devotional and Testimony Morning on Friday – Officially starting at 6.30am.

Meetings and Retreats

Obedience in Christ retreat conference

This gives you an opportunity to come along to be refilled by an inpouring of the Holy spirit. It is a very intense, strongholds and bondage will be broken in the name of Jesus.