Faith Walk Ministries

As servants for the kingdom we lay down our will and try to discern God's will as we seek to see His plan and follow His pattern and call.

The Foundation for Faith Walk Ministries is to seek God’s will in everything we do and follow the Lord as he leads guides and directs us.

Our aim is to provide accurate and relevant teaching and preaching of God’s word based on the Bible.

The confidence for the ministry is dynamic prayer and increasing in faith as we mature and grow.

We believe this is vital for survival and growth for each believer and the body of Christ as a whole.

Our prayer is diverse and broad in its objective for one another our leaders and all members of the church.

Finally the thirst of the ministry is salvation to the lost and is our primary purpose which then leads to Discipleship and tackling some of the major issues in the world with the power of the Holy spirit such as Addictions afflictions trauma poverty and mental health and well being.

As a Christian Ministry we should proclaim boldly the Goodness of God and what He done for us at the finished work on the Cross in order to reach the lost for Christ.

We provide outreach and encourage train our members in discipleship sponsorship and mentoring programs and assist motivate and support members with the help and support of other ministry and charities and self help groups and churches to engage on the mission field or wherever God calls us in Jesus name we Pray.

Mission Statement

Like those first disciples, we have been prompted and commanded to remain inclusive and expansive.

We are called to “not make it difficult for those who are turning to God”

We prioritise lost people and embrace the value of letting outsiders in.

We promote the revival of apostolic signs, wonders and miracles.

We train believers to receive Holy Ghost baptism, and fire, as well as a daily walk and relationship with the Holy Ghost.

We stand with training our believers in spiritual warfare, making them an aggressive and victorious army for the Lord.

We trust in deliverance, that is why we will always have a deliverance ministry, wherever we are.

We intentionally create environments that engage with spiritually lost people, environments where people who were so far from God that they can encounter him without unnecessary obstacles.