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Even in the darkest of valleys, God’s strength shines through, as the prophet Ezekiel witnessed firsthand. Called by God to ministry during the Babylonian exile, Ezekiel endured unspeakable hardship and persecution. Yet through it all, the Lord’s unwavering power sustained him.

In Ezekiel 3, God commanded the prophet to eat a scroll filled with “words of lament and mourning and woe.” This difficult task symbolized internalizing the anguish of God’s people, preparing Ezekiel for his role as a watchman. Though the words were bitter in his mouth, he found nourishment in obeying the Lord’s instructions, strengthened by divine purpose.

God then sent Ezekiel on a symbolic siege against Jerusalem in chapter 4, instructing him to lie on his sides for over a year to embody the iniquities of Israel and Judah. An extraordinary test of bodily and spiritual endurance, yet Ezekiel remained steadfast, fueled by God’s mighty hand upon him.

Perhaps most notably, the famous valley of dry bones vision in Ezekiel 37 proclaimed the Lord’s power to revive and restore even the most hopeless of situations. As dusty remains gradually took shape as a vast army, God’s breathed new life, proving there is no circumstance too bleak for His transformative strength to overcome.

In our own trials, may we cling to the examples of Ezekiel’s resolute faith, remembering that our almighty God wields authority over every struggle, breathing hope and vitality into the seemingly lifeless.

Where is God in tough times by pastor Rock

Mar 11, 2024

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