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Recently, Faith Walk Ministries hosted an impactful Women’s Ministry meeting as part of the “Lies Women Believe” series, titled “Truth or Consequences.” Led by Minister Tashika, the session delved into the pervasive strategy of deception and its spiritual ramifications. The discussion explored how listening to, dwelling on, and believing lies can lead to spiritual bondage. Minister Tashika highlighted the progression from deception to captivity, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and rejecting these lies.

The meeting provided a safe space for women to share their experiences and gain insights on overcoming these falsehoods. Attendees left feeling empowered and equipped with practical strategies to move from bondage to freedom, reinforcing the ministry’s commitment to fostering spiritual growth and truth. The session was both enlightening and transformative, contributing to the ongoing mission of helping women break free from the chains of deception. For more information and future events, visit www.faithwalkministries.co.uk.

Truth or consequence’s… *Lies that Women believe series*

Jun 6, 2024

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