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The notion of the church prevailing while ejecting religion may seem paradoxical, yet it reflects a profound shift in religious paradigms. This concept suggests a movement towards a more spiritual, inclusive, and humanitarian approach within the institution of the church. Rather than being bound by dogma or rigid religious doctrines, the emphasis is placed on fostering genuine connection, compassion, and service to humanity.

By ejecting religion, the church aims to transcend divisive beliefs and rituals, embracing a universal message of love, understanding, and unity. This evolution signifies a departure from mere adherence to traditional practices towards a deeper engagement with the core principles of faith. Through this transformation, the church aspires to become a beacon of hope, empathy, and social change in an ever-changing world, where spirituality transcends the boundaries of organised religion.

The church will prevail, ejecting religion in the church

Apr 10, 2024

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