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Faith Walk Ministries continued its enlightening series with Step 12: “Shine Your Light,” led by Pastor Ivor Emmanuel. This powerful session emphasized the importance of living out our faith openly and confidently. Pastor Ivor discussed how each of us is called to be a beacon of hope and guidance in our communities, reflecting the love and teachings of Christ in our daily actions.

He shared practical ways to shine our light, such as through acts of kindness, sharing our faith stories, and being a source of encouragement to others. Pastor Ivor reminded attendees that shining our light is not about perfection but about being authentic and allowing God’s love to shine through us.

The session inspired participants to embrace their roles as lights in the world, encouraging them to take actionable steps to make a positive impact. With the series ongoing, everyone left with a renewed commitment to live out their faith boldly and brightly, looking forward to future sessions.

Shine your light step 12

Jun 26, 2024

Share Your Reflections, A Community in Dialogue.

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