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Experience the culmination of our insightful three-part Faith Walk Sunday Service series, hosted by the revered Bishop Panton. In our last session titled “The Pillar of a Healthy Family & Society,” we delved into the intricate roles within marriage, offering a fresh perspective on nurturing a supportive partnership that thrives in the complexities of the modern era. Emphasizing the power of a husband’s strength and a wife’s grace, we shared key wisdom for building a united and resilient domestic foundation.


“This was a very timely series for me as I am still a baby in Christ and had not had this topic discussed in depth before apart from – “you shouldn’t be unequally yoked”.

Never having had a Christian relationship I could only put it into context of where I went wrong in my previous secular relationships – self serving, selfish, large expectations, making them God, taking for granted etc etc. I am recently out of a 2 year relationship and there were SO many lessons there for me in hindsight, not that I was ready at the time lost in worldly ways inc. addiction.

So looking back with regret and lessons learned partly as a result of these teachings, I now look forward to my first Christian relationship (whenever that will be) and these lessons will not be my blueprint of how to conduct myself should this opportunity arise.

I am VERY grateful for this having never had this explained to me before and I pray that now I am close to God, I will get the chance to implement them.”

As we reflect on this significant milestone in the Faith Walk series, we remain excited for the ongoing dialogue and the continuous growth it fosters within our vibrant community.

We look forward to welcoming you to what promises to be a memorable and impactful New Year of our Faith Walk Ministries

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Final session part 3 by Bishop Panton

Dec 18, 2023

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