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God’s invitation to us extends beyond moments of urgency or need. He desires a relationship that isn’t transactional—far from the image of rubbing a lamp for quick favors. It’s not about turning to Him only when we face difficulties, with hurried pleas for help.

Consistent Walk with the Divine

The Lord calls for a consistent walk with Him, a steady, ongoing communion. It’s a divine companionship that’s meant to enrich every aspect of our daily lives. Because of the sacrifice Jesus Christ made on the cross, this pathway is open to us all, for every single moment of our existence.

Evangelism: A Natural Overflow

When we live in this awareness, evangelism becomes a natural overflow of our being, not a forced endeavor. It’s not a calling reserved for a select few; it is the privilege and responsibility of every believer. When we grasp the full impact of Christ’s act on the cross, understanding who we’ve become through Him, sharing the Good News becomes a spontaneous expression of our transformed lives.

Deepening Our Communion with God

Nov 15, 2023

Share Your Reflections, A Community in Dialogue.

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